Find an Experienced Lawyer to Handle Your Lemon Law Case

The last thing you want after buying a new car is to find out you’re driving a lemon. But even if it happens, you do not have to live with that lemon! As a consumer you have rights and with an experienced lawyer, you can either get a replacement or refund. If you’re not sure how to find a good lawyer to handle your lemon law case, we can help!


Think You’ve Been Stuck With a Lemon? Act Fast!

Thousands of lemons (vehicles with repeated, unfixable problems) are sold to buyers in every state every year. Thus, even if you do your research, shop around, test drive and negotiate before signing the contract, you can still end up with a lemon. Luckily, there are federal and state laws that protect consumers who have purchased defective vehicles.

Though Lemon Laws vary from state-to-state, in most states, the car must have a serious defect that impairs its normal operation, safety, or value, and continue to have the defect after a number of repair attempts in order to qualify as a lemon.

However, each state has its own unique laws and requirements, meaning your rights will depend on the laws of the particular state where you live or where you bought the car. 

So if your car spends more time in the repair shop than it does on the road, don’t fret! Just talk to a lemon lawyer as soon as possible. 

A qualified lemon lawyer can quickly evaluate if you have a lemon law case, guide your steps accordingly, and deliver the best possible results!


Where Can You Find a Lawyer to Handle Your Lemon Law Case?

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