While U.S. citizens don’t need to hire an attorney when registering a trademark, working with a trademark attorney is highly recommended.

Registering a trademark may seem fairly simple, but it’s not always easy to register a trademark on your own. Trademark application is a highly complex legal proceeding. While experts in their own field, most business owners don’t have the legal knowledge to successfully file a trademark application alone. Needless to say filing on your own can lead to unnecessary errors and even rejection.

Of course, the cost to work with an attorney is a little more than filing alone. However, hiring an attorney may save you money in the long run because an attorney knows how to prepare your application and respond to the USPTO on various issues that might arise throughout the process.

Your Trademark Attorney Can:

  • perform a comprehensive trademark search to identify any potential conflicts or competitors before filing.
  • prepare and file a trademark registration application that meets all USPTO requirements.
  • respond to issues that come up after the application has been filed and assigned to an examining attorney at the trademark office.
  • be available to answer any questions that may arise throughout the trademark registration process.
  • enforce and maintain your trademark rights.

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