An employment lawyer is responsible for managing legal conflicts between employers and employees. They handle issues ranging from workplace discrimination to wrongful termination. Employment lawyers make sure that (1) all employees are treated in a fair and consistent manner and (2) employers are in compliance with all of the local, state, and federal laws that apply in the modern workplace.

When Should You Hire an Employment Lawyer if You’re an Employee?

It makes sense to hire an employment lawyer if:

  • you’ve been discriminated against or harassed by your boss.
  • you were illegally terminated or laid off from your job.
  • you were forced to sign a contract that waived your employment privileges.
  • your manager violated any national or state laws created for your protection.
  • you didn’t get the salary and benefits stated in your contract.

When Should You Hire an Employment Lawyer if You’re an Employer?

An experienced employment lawyer can represent you in a wide range of situations. As an employer, you’ll need an employment lawyer if:

  • you’re seeking representation for a bargaining negotiation.
  • an employee has filed a complaint for discrimination or harassment against you.
  • you are planning to lay off or fire a large number of employees, terminate an employee benefit, or change the current pension plan that it offers.

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Key Takeaways…
  • Employment lawyers represent both employees and employers.
  • Employment lawyers handle employment-related legal issues, including Wrongful termination; Workplace discrimination; Sexual harassment; Contract violations; Issues involving employee benefits such as health insurance and retirement savings plans; Whistleblower protection, etc.
  • AppearMe lets you search for pre-vetted lawyers by field of practice in a matter of minutes.

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